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Debra Y. Buss, Ph.D, M.S.W.
  Dr. Debra Buss has earned a Ph.D. in Pastoral Marriage and Family Therapy from Evangelical Seminary, a Masters of Social Work form the University of Illinois, a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology from Quincy University and is a member of AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors)
   Dr. Debra Buss specializes in intensive, clinical, fast-track counseling.  Since 1985, Debra has been trained, mentored, and supervised by the Founder and President of Life Skills International, Dr. Paul Hegstrom
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Stepping Stones is an intensive, counselor guided, five days of individual counseling and education. Stepping Stones is based on therapeutic developmental reconstruction model and is a cognitive psycho-educational program for hurting individuals and couples. Held weekly at our Colorado campus, these clinics provide hope for participants seeking resolution to personal and relational difficulties. Life Skills counselor, Dr. Debra Buss, is proficient in implementing the “Learning to Live, Learning to Love” curriculum in a uniquely insightful and compassionate manner. Participants in the clinic are taught to identify root causes of destructive behaviors, respectfully process emotions, and recognize blocks of personal intimacy. After a week of personalized teaching and counseling assistance, the “impossible becomes possible” for clients who are willing to fully participate in the rigors of this program. Clients receive a strong knowledge base for change and the materials to continue their growth and healing far beyond the clinical setting.
Stepping Stones, offered weekly throughout the year, consists of intense course study, educational aides, homework, and one-on-one consultation.
“I knew my husband and I had a very serious problem. Yet, it was the kind of problem that was easier to hide than address. Attending the five-day clinic has changed our lives. We have learned a great deal and have been given the tools we needed to relate in an emotionally safe and respectful manner.

Thank you, Debra.
Thank you, Life Skills.”

J.M., Milwaukee, WI

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